My Spring Writing Office

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So, I know I’m a little bit late to the party on this whole “spring” deal, but up until this week, it hasn’t felt like spring here on the Nova Scotia coast. It’s been cold, and has kept me firmly inside the writing cave. But suddenly, as if out of nowhere–warmth! I’ve now been doing my writerly business at a table on our screened in deck, which extends to a birch stand on one side, and has a rockin’ view of the gardens on the other. It’s peaceful, with the only real noise the cacophony of birds, has visits from my little chipmunk friend I creatively named “Chippy,” and also, when the wind is right, it smells of the sea. It’s a beautiful place to work, and makes me far more productive and creative than sitting in my upstairs office (ie: childhood bedroom) where multiple photographs of Jensen Ackles are too distracting.

My current work in progress is another work for Smartypants Romance, which I am absolutely thrilled about, and I hope you will stick with me for this journey. I have my next two projects after this planned, and hopefully by next Spring, I’ll have all kinds of things available for you to read. *aura of mystery* *oooooh* Until then, my debut book, Dewey Belong Together (part of the Green Valley Library Series) is available exclusively on Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome Spring day. Unless you live down under. Then, have a awesome day where I hope you see no spiders.