“So What’d I Miss?” (and KU news!)

My little blog has been offline since the end of August, as we’ve had some difficulties involving a scoundrel hacker who tried to go full on destructor-mode on my web host. Luckily, my data was saved and restored, and I will be checking the website to make sure all the prior data is still in its place.

The real problem was that my email address, ann@annwhynot.com, was offline since August 28th, and while I tried to communicate that via social media, I hope that none of you lovely people emailed me in the last 13 days and thought that I just didn’t care to respond. If you DID email me in the last two weeks, please kindly resend your email and I will get to it right away.

I also have KU news! I have not updated my blog since June as I was busy in the writing cave and didn’t quite realize so much time had gone by. It is almost time for Dewey Belong Together to leave other retailers and become Amazon-exclusive again, free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. That will happen later this month to coincide with the Fall Launch of Smartypants Romance, so if you are looking to grab Dewey from another retailer, please do so before we zip off to just Amazon!

That’s all for now–again, if I missed your email I am very sorry and hope to hear from you again! /Whynot Out